I taught English as a foreign language to children and adults of all ages and levels during the sixteen years I lived and worked in Spain and have taught Spanish to English students since I have been back in the UK, as well as English to a small number of Spanish students. As well as teaching, I spent many years translating and interpreting and had my own translation business, and also edited and proofread all sorts of projects, documents, conference papers, presentations and speeches, some for international business conferences and exhibitions in places such as the USA and Switzerland. My clients have included directors and business people from large national companies such as Iberdrola and Gas Natural. Before setting up my own language school in Spain, I taught English and Business English and carried out technical translations in three private sector teaching academies in Salamanca. Furthermore, I completed a technical translation of the tourist guide into English for a famous museum, the Casa Lis, in Salamanca, Spain in order that exhibits could be presented in both Spanish and English. I have also written three books, one of them a huge grammar book. In the early nineties, I lived for some time in France working at a throat cancer research institute in Reims. I taught English to senior French researchers and supported them in technical translation and preparation and editing of presentations and speeches for use around the world, particularly the USA.

My teaching experience in Spain included teaching:

  • Toddlers of two years

  • Primary school children of four years and over

  • Secondary school children

  • High school students

  • University students

  • Company directors, business people, teachers, doctors, engineers, meteorologists and other professionals.

  • Retired people.

I have taught individual students, small groups and large classes.

In the UK, I have taught a large number of pupils, my youngest pupil a 6-year-old, my oldest 81 years of age. I have helped A level pupils to gain confidence and improve their grades, adults who enjoy holidaying in Spain or have a property out there and want to be able to converse with the locals and many GCSE students who were struggling hugely in their school Spanish lessons and came to me for help. Virtually all of these achieved an A or an A* in their final Spanish GCSE exam.

In 2016 I decided to do a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Reading. I achieved a Grade 1 and Qualified Teacher Status. This was a Schools Direct scheme and included a large amount of teaching in secondary schools, and I taught Spanish and French in four large secondary schools in Surrey and Hampshire, around the Camberley/Frimley/Farnborough area. After achieving this qualification, I worked as a Spanish teacher in a large secondary school in Camberley. This involved teaching large classes of a minimum of thirty pupils including many pupils with Special Educational Needs or with English as an Additional Language. I was an expert in the previous Modern Foreign Languages curriculum and was able to prepare my pupils very thoroughly for their GCSE exams but I now also have up-to-date knowledge of the current curriculum requirements - which are considerably more challenging – and know exactly how to prepare my pupils for their GCSE exams.

I decided to return to tutoring privately as I find it extremely enjoyable and I love being able to help those students who are keen to do well. Due to my extensive teaching experience in both Spain and the UK, along with my teaching abilities and dedication to every one of my students, I have proved again and again that I am able to offer very high-quality Spanish tuition at whatever level and get the desired results for my students.