“Joanna is a friendly, fantastic Spanish teacher. She has a unique approach, using her own worksheets, which focus on main areas of need. She works on speaking, listening and writing but is adaptable to whatever her student has interest in. In six months she’s given me more fluency than in years of doing other languages.” 

Pamela, Woking, UK

“Joanna helped my daughter go from a grade D to a grade A in a matter of a few weeks! She always enjoyed learning with Joanna, who was always helpful and great at Spanish. Joanna was also very calm and always made sure my daughter understood everything and was thorough in her teaching. Thank you for all your help and support in helping my daughter to achieve a GCSE in Spanish!”

Rakhi, Camberley, UK.

"Joanna is great. Right from the start I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. Teaching methods are brilliant and her personality makes the two a perfect pairing. I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone thinking about getting a tutor!"

Callum, Ash, UK.

"My 13-year-old daughter loves her Spanish lessons with Joanna. She is a very inspiring teacher who always comes well prepared for her lessons and makes my daughter feel very comfortable and confident enough to try her best. I couldn't have asked for a better tutor."

Tania, Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.

"Joanna is an excellent tutor. She explains things clearly which leads to being able to grasp the lingo easily."

Liz, Wales, UK.

"Joanna is really easy to get on with. I am always relaxed in my lessons and she takes the time to explain everything carefully. I would highly recommend her."

Emma, Cornwall, UK.


“I have had Spanish tutoring sessions with Joanna for just over half a year and I already feel so much more confident in the language! Joanna is a very friendly and kind tutor, and produces her own worksheets to help the areas in which I need to improve. The lessons consist of a variety of exercises so I have not only improved in my comprehension and the grammar aspects of the language, but have also become more confident and fluent in speaking the language. I highly recommend Joanna to anyone wishing to improve or learn Spanish!” 

Joey, Lightwater, UK.

“My daughter would not have got through her GCSE Spanish without Joanna’s help. Sophie is a bright but shy child and quickly found the fast pace of the one-year Spanish GCSE course overwhelming. She was in top set and it appeared to her that the other children were picking it all up really quickly. Her confidence was taking a knock and with the first assessment looming, she started to really worry to the point she was unhappy going to school.

I knew I needed to get a tutor to help but Sophie was very reluctant, as she felt embarrassed. I searched on the internet and found Joanna. I sent Joanna an email and from her response I immediately felt at ease, and knew she would be kind to Sophie.

Sophie felt at ease right away with Joanna and from her first lesson, she was beginning to understand what she was being taught at school.

Joanna is able to “fill in the gaps” that the school misses.  Joanna’s Spanish accent is beautiful and clear and from working with her,  Sophie gained her confidence with pronunciation and speaking. Joanna’s knowledge of grammar is impeccable and she is able to teach it in a clear and concise, fun way. I know Sophie found Joanna very inspiring, kind and encouraging.  Joanna really turned it around for quite an unhappy girl, who thought she couldn’t do it.

I only wish that I hadn’t waited for Sophie to struggle before approaching Joanna.  To have had her from the start would have been great.  Joanna’s teaching gives a more thorough grounding for anyone wanting to learn Spanish. Even I picked up some Spanish during the lessons!”

Emma, Camberley, UK.


“I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all the effort you have put in to help my son. Good teachers are a rare breed so we were very fortunate to have found you. You have brought him along so far over the last 18 months, further than we could ever have imagined and I’m sure that without your skill in teaching he would not be able to complete this short course. Your dedication to your pupils makes you stand out as a teacher. We were impressed by the way you assessed him and summed up his strengths and weaknesses, therefore tailoring the lessons to his needs. You gave him clarification with his Spanish when he was so lost, enabling him to have the confidence needed with language. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time with you, especially the fun activities provided to enhance his learning, and he has looked forward to his lessons (which is a miracle). It is because he has learned to love Spanish with your methods of teaching and motivating that he made his choice. Thank you for going the extra mile with him, as I know you do with all your pupils.”

Jo, Knaphill, UK.

“Joanna is very friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Spanish and her lessons were very enjoyable as well as informative. If you are looking for a Spanish tutor, I would definitely recommend Joanna.”

Daniel, Woking, UK. 


"Joanna is a great tutor and she can explain even difficult topics in a clear manner."

Polina, UK.


“Joanna has lived up to all my expectations of a professional Spanish tutor. Approachable, easy to talk to, reliable and organised. The tutorials are always lively, interactive and very enjoyable, all of which make learning a language a much easier experience.

Joanna is quickly able to assess your needs and pitches her teaching at just the right level, making learning challenging but achievable. She uses a wide variety of resources and training materials and methods, covering all the requirements for reading, writing and conversational skills.

I have found the homework, whether it be translations, exercises, past exam papers, mini essays, etc., and the subsequent feedback very worthwhile. The homework is often tailor-made, depending upon which areas you mostly want to focus on.

Although an advanced learner, I would feel confident that Joanna would work well with learners of any age or level and I would certainly recommend her if you are looking for an excellent Spanish tutor.”

Elisa, Hampshire, UK.


"I would highly recommend Joanna. She is a really good tutor. Having had Spanish tuition before, and still failing to understand the difference between the imperfect and the preterite past tenses, Joanna really helped to clarify this for me. She's a really lovely lady who takes the time to explain things and ensure that you understand before moving on."

Olivia, Farnham, UK.

 “I contacted Joanna from an advertisement in a chemist’s shop. I was making little progress in my Spanish studies and felt that I needed a jolt. I have certainly had that!! I have learned a lot in the past few months, thanks to Joanna. Her preparation for our sessions is first class as is her meticulous marking of the homework which she gives me. She is an enthusiastic teacher and is able to transfer this enthusiasm to her pupil. I am glad that I followed up her advertisement.”

Derek, Camberley, UK.

"I know Joanna as a fellow teacher. She is a committed professional who thoroughly prepares her lessons by considering what the learner specifically needs in order to improve their language skills. Her experience and knowledge of Spanish make her an excellent teacher for those looking to either start from basics or advance in their learning of this language. If what you need is help with your GCSEs or A levels, do not hesitate to contact Joanna. She'll take your Spanish to the next level in an effective and enjoyable way."

Alicia, Camberley, UK.

“It is with great pleasure that I am able to recommend Mrs Joanna Randall to prospective employers.

I have known Mrs Randall for the past three years and can attest to her impeccable work ethic as well as her sparkling and appealing personality.

As a translator for our company, she has been a reliable, conscientious worker with her extensive knowledge of foreign languages. She has good communication skills and has always worked hard to achieve her goals.

It is without reservation that I recommend Mrs Joanna Randall for any position to which she is applying. She will strive to be the best in whatever she does.”

Sr. José L. Valiente López,


Goyval Vinagres, S.L.

“We met in Madrigueras in the year 2006 due to the need of my company to introduce our products to countries in the European Union.

Thanks to Joanna, my life and my company changed drastically. I had no knowledge of  English and I needed to learn a new language quickly and in the shortest time possible.

With her, everything was much easier, thanks to her teaching methods and her ability to understand the Spanish. Joanna has a wide knowledge both of our country as well as our customs, and this knowledge has given her a unique view of how we think, and an understanding of the best way to teach us the English language…”

Sr. Damian Molano,


Bimer Systems, S.L.U.

“I am pleased to inform you that I have known Joanna Randall for 5 years…which has allowed me to see her great qualities as a person.

Joanna has given English classes as a private teacher to a large number of young people in the area during all these years, during which period of time her pupils – my oldest daughter included among them – have greatly improved their knowledge of the English language.

Thanks to her teaching methods, my daughter has reached an excellent level of comprehension and expression, both oral and written, in the English language. This fact is now being proved in her recently-begun first year at university where she has started studying Modern Languages – English Philology.

I am completely certain that Joanna Randall is able to take on any kind of teaching post and, more specifically, as a language teacher.

As far as Spanish is concerned, she is very well acquainted with how we Spaniards think when we speak and our linguistic and grammatical structures, and she is able to help with specific problems that may arise. Joanna speaks fluently, with a rich vocabulary and very good pronunciation, so that her command of the language may be considered excellent.

I have been able to see that she is as good a teacher as she is a person and, because of this, I consider there to be many qualities in her that she may continue to pass on to her future pupils.”

Mª Carmen Fuentes García,

Infant and Primary Teaching Centre, “Constitución Española”,

Madrigueras, Albacete, (Spain).